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I really jumped back into listening to music this year after becoming uninterested in keeping up and/or delving into old albums around 2020. Most of the time I was listening to podcasts while commuting to work, doing chores or walking.

A whole lot of Doom

One day I decided to listen to the entire Black Sabbath discography; I had never listened to full BS album prior. I don't remember the original motivation but I'm glad I did. I always associated Sabbath with dad/butt rock since it was mixed in with Puddle of Mudd and Seether on the radio. As I eventually migrated to metal from hardcore I always skipped over Doom and never thought to really check out Sabbath. Sabbath is incredible. The amount of hits on the first two albums is insane and the later albums are obviously major inspiration on not only modern doom but all metal. I honestly couldn't believe that those original Sabbath albums were released in the early 70's.

All of these bands / albums are amazing in their own right and all owe at least part of their sounds to Sabbath.

Highly recommend