😎 Cool Sites 😎

Last updated: 03/07/2024 All of these sites caught my eye or interested me in one way or another: either design, content or both. However, I do not endorse any of these sites or their authors. ⭐ === personal favorite

I don't know where I came across this site but I love the neo-brutalist design. One of the first I saw that used it.

Previous version screenshot.

I found this developer / site on HN. It seems he's gone quiet but I thought his project was cool while it lasted.


I love the design of this site and the magazines. I always wanted to purchase them but I've lost interest since then...

This website is very fitting for the products it's built to sell; incredibly unique and beautiful to look at.

I listed this site for later reading more than anything; the concept seems pretty funny.

It looks like the authors have decided to move on for now (unfortunately).

This site has since been archived.

Super cool design. A mix of low-fi, simple static site and artfulness. They seem to have a lot of content for later reading as well.

I loved the idea of this site since it was first announced by LS. I haven't tried any of the recipes but it's a great alternative to awful recipe sites.

I love the concept and execution is pretty good. I wish there was an easier way to determine when a site was added.

I know nothing about the author or the history the site but I love it's design. I really need to take a deep dive into it one day.

Previous version screenshot.

Very cool concept and content. I've learned I'm a sucker for dithering.

I like the site design but I love the mission more.

A great site. MW seems cool.

Love the concept. I need to spend some time finding the best sites in the bunch.

Probably in my top 5 favorite websites of all-time. It's an invaluable resource as a metal fan and it's just a fantastically maintained project.

I learned about this is 2023 from a comment on HN. Very cool space pics.

Just a beautiful website. I love their custom font and assets.

I'm a sucker for cool setups. Some of my favorites: 85, 182, 240, 265, 228, 268, 279

Cool utility site. I've use it for this site and other projects.